Open Mon-Sat 9.30-5.30, Sun 11-4,

BusyBricks - The Culture Palace - (ages 0-7)

Busybricks is a unique Duplo pop up playroom offering children between the ages of one and seven the opportunity to create, build and explore the world through Lego.
The sessions are up to an hour long, starting with Zara sharing her models to inspire the children they are then given time to create and enjoy, finishing off with a show and tell where children can talk about what they’ve built and any stories they’ve created where their imagination has been allowed to create.

My background as a primary school teacher with a focus on special-needs, teaching children in a range of London areas has also inspired Busybricks; ensuring the classes are as inclusive as possible helping parents feel relaxed in a calm open minded environment.

The most important value underlying Busybricks is letting children play because this is where they learn at their best.

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