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Vashti Hardy visits Whitehall Park School!

Tuesday (the 16th of May) saw us visit Whitehall Park School for an author visit from Vashti Hardy, for the release of her new book, Serpent of the Sands, a new part in her Brightstorm Chronicles. 

"A new Brightstorm Chronicles adventure from Vashti Hardy, with a new lead character — the reluctant princess, Gan of Nadvaaryn.

Princess Gan is back home in Nadvaaryn after her epic adventure with the Brightstorm twins in the north.

But her uncle is ill, so she must seek out a cure in the deserts outside the capital city. Her desperate hopes rest on finding a serpent in the sands, a creature everyone else believes to be an ancient myth.

But it turns out that she’s not the only one trying to get to it; dark forces are competing for power in the Wide, and as her adventure unfurls, Gan faces difficult choices in working out what she’s willing to do – and whom she’s willing to protect.

Illustrated by George Ermos."

Vashti gave a wonderful talk about how to create fantasy stories to Years 1-6, with some very practical tips on how to use fantasy maps as springboards for creating stories. This was followed by a quiz and a book signing. It was lovely to see how Vashti took the time to interact with each child and made sure that the experience of meeting a real-life author was special for each child. 

Vashti Hardy is the author of the Brightstorm Chronicles, Wildspark, and Harley Hitch.