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Springtime at Pickled Pepper Books

Sam Plants a Sunflower by Katy Petty and Axel Scheffler


One day while lying in the sun, Sam decides to plant some sunflowers. Watch Sam's seeds grow from little green plants to big yellow sunflowers with exciting flaps and a big pop-up surprise. A colourful and joyous book which teaches children the magic of gardening with helpful tips on how to grow sunflower seeds. 


My Grandma's Magic Recipes: Spring Bloom by Ella Phillips and Camilla Sucre

What time of year tells you sunshine is near?
When do flowers burst bold, from the dark empty cold?
Join Zee and his Grandma as they celebrate the special little ways that nature lets us know that Spring is on it's way. From the gentle melody of birds singing in the garden to flowers filling the cherry blossom trees, this book showcases the excitement and beauty of the changing seasons. Included at the back of the book are two bonus recipes to make Date & Coconut Balls and Rainbow Ice Cubes.


Nature Trail by Benjamin Zephaniah and Nila Aye

At the bottom of my garden
There's a hedgehog and a frog, 
And a lot of creepy-crawlies 
Living underneath a log . . .

Nature Trail brilliantly highlights the wonders to be found at the bottom of the garden. The garden is a very lively place filled with insects, birds, cats and even foxes. The perfect book to encourage children to appreciate the natural world, with delightful illustrations by Nila Aye of woodlice with top hats, caterpillars knitting and crickets playing the saxophone.