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Pride Month at Pickled Pepper

At Pickled Pepper Books we firmly believe in the importance of acceptance, diversity, and love. We are proud to stock a range of novelty books and picture books which celebrate and honour the LGBTQIA+ community and provide a warm introduction to Pride. 


 Grandad's Pride by Harry Woodgate

Grandad's Pride is the highly-anticipated sequel to the Prize-winning Grandad's Camper by author-illustrator Harry Woodgate. This joyous book celebrates the power of community and the importance of LGBTQIA+ history

''What's Pride?" I ask.
"Pride is like a giant party where we celebrate the wonderful diversity of our communities, and share the message that everyone should be treated with equality and respect - no matter who they love or what gender they are."






The Big Day. By Rachel Plummer and Forrest Burdett

When one small human is invited to the wedding of two giants, they don't know quite what to expect. What unfolds is a wonderful celebration of LGBTQ+ love packed with interactive novelty surprises. We particularly love the fabulous wedding guests of every persuasion including fairies, wizards and unicorns. 

"Now, some things are stories, and others are real. But this is the truth, not some meaningless spiel."
"Whoever you one day might get married to, you're worth celebrating. You matter. You do."





One More Day Until Pride. By Gareth Peter and Max Rambaldi

Brimming with the colours of the rainbow, this beautiful and vibrant book rejoices in the rich tapestry of the LGBTQ+ community and helps readers understand the spirit of Pride. Gareth Peter wrote this book to remind children that it's always OK to be yourself, as long as you stay kind and treat others with respect and care.

 "We'll parade through the streets to the rhythms and beats. There'll be laughter and dancing and song."
"We'll see rainbow flags fly through a welcoming sky. It's a party where ALL can belong."