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Book of the Week: The Whisperwicks by Jordan Lees

The Whisperwicks: The Labyrinth of Lost and Found by Jordan Lees




The story begins with Benjamiah Creek, an eleven-year-old boy who lives in Wyvern-on-Water, a sleepy village where nothing remarkable ever happens. His family own a crowded but charming bookshop called Once Upon A Time where Benjamiah spends his days absorbed in factual books about biology, history and mathematical problems.

One day in the bookshop an oddly shaped parcel arrives for Benjamiah. Inside is a floppy doll with buttons for eyes with no note of where it came from. This magical poppet doll leads Benjamiah to the parallel world of Wreathenwold, a vast labyrinth filled with magic and dark secrets ruled at the centre by a terrible Minotaur.

Benjamiah finds himself swept along in an unimaginable quest to find a missing boy named Edwid, accompanied by his determined and devoted sister Elizabella. This perilous journey draws Benjamiah deeper into the puzzling and beguiling world of Wreathenwold where he starts to unlock its entangled web of secrets.

Why we love this book

This debut middle grade novel from Jordan Lees is a gripping and highly imaginative new fantasy series perfect for fans of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief series by A. F. Steadman.

The world-building of Wreathenwold is unique and exceptionally detailed. Readers’ appetites are whetted by wonderful descriptions of toadstool broth, sweetdough bread, treacle tea and poppysyrup. The darker side of Wreathenwold is equally well-written such as the terrifying colour poachers and their 'spectractors', elaborate metal instruments designed to extract colour from objects in exchange for money.

This original and captivating adventure is ideal for older readers in KS2 who enjoy fantasy and magic-based stories.