Being In The Book Group

August 18, 2018


 What I love most about Book Group is that you read books you don't normally read and then you can chat about them with kids out of school you haven't met before. I like this because it means that you have friends to talk with and good books to read. Also, because we meet every other week, you have plenty of time to finish the book that is chosen. We also play book related games and when they get boring we invent better ones which are far more interesting. When we have to choose a book, everyone bar one person picks a book from the shelf. The person who hasn't done this chooses a book out of the chosen ones. We usually all read this book. If there are disagreements then we choose two books and everyone picks one of them to read. Also, we have biscuits to eat while chatting about books. Everyone is welcome and we are always very happy when someone joins.

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