Book Groups interview with Peter Bunzl

May 30, 2017



Last week our book group was lucky enough to get a visit by the author of one of their favourite books, Peter Bunzl!


Peter is the author of Cogheart and it's sequel Moonlocket and both were big hits with not only Pickled Pepper's book group but readers all over the UK. Peter was shortlisted for the Haringey Book award recently and is hard at work on his next book. Read on:


Book Group: Who is your favourite character from either of your books?

Peter Bunzl: I love malkin because he is the most fun to write and he is a bit of a wise-guy.

bg: Will there be a third book in the cogheart series? If so, what is it called?

pb: Well, there is going to be one. It's coming out in 2018. I cant really say the name as its a secret...

bg: *squeals in delight* please tell us!

pb: okay, its either going to be called *bleep* as a mechanic is very involved in the plot or *bleep* as thats where they go.


*Peter made us keep the names a secret sorry!

bg: So, have you written it yet?

pb: No, not yet. I've just started. I'm still working on the plot.

bg: Who will it be about? Because the first one was about lily, and the second about Robert...

pb: Well i was thinking about doing it about someone new.

bg: How did you get the idea for Malkin?

pb: Well, i was writng the second scene where Malkin gets chased through the woods and I did try a few different creatures. At first I wrote him as a man, but that didnt feel right, so then I did him as a cat called grimbleskin, because that sounds like  a cats name, but that didnt feel right either. I just sat and thought about what would get chased through the woods. A fox! thats what! I wrote it, and it felt perfect, so I named him Malkin, a sort of mixture of the original name grimbleskin.

bg: Awesome! what was your inspiration for cogheart?

pb: i was working as an animator, and i had the idea for an animation about automatons. it didnt work out as an animation, so i wrote it as a novel.

bg: Was cogheart meant to be a single novel then?

pb: yes it was intentionally meant to be a novel, but i had so many ideas, and so many were put on the scrap heap, so, when cogheart came out, my agent gave me the idea to write another one.

bg: Did you want to be a writer when you were growing up?

pb: Well yes and no, I wanted to be a writer, but a writer of scripts for animation, and thats what I did, until cogheart came along, that is. When I was around 10 or 11, I wrote a 14 page story and I thought it was a novel, but it was only 14 pages!

bg: Will there be a tv series or film of cogheart?

pb: There is going to be a meeting this week about it I think actually!

bg: If there IS going to going to be a tv series or a film, who would you like to voice malkin?

pb: Well I think Steven Fry or Hugh Laurie would be good.


bg: Can you tell us the order of the harry potter books being 1 the best and 7 your least faviourite?

pb: Well I really like the fourth one, so that would be my favourite. I'm not really the biggest  harry potter fan though I'm sorry to say

bg: Thank you for letting us interview you!




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