there's a troll on my toilet

There’s a witch in the kitchen, boiling a brew. Oh – and hold your nose! There’s a troll on the loo! There’s a ghost on the stairs, and a werewolf in the shower. He’s howling at the moon, and he’s been in there an hour! What’s going on in this house of spooky critters? Is it enough to give you the jitters? Well – there’s a party, and you’re invited too. Just keep clear of that troll. He’s doing a huge poo!

A funny and silly storytime and crafting session run by our staff team!

Running Time – 45 mins
Age – 2-7 years


Author/Illustrator Event

franklin and luna and the book of fairytales

Today is Franklin’s birthday. He’s turning six hundred and six!
He thinks his friends have all forgotten... they haven’t sent him any gifts.

It's Franklin the dragon's birthday and the whole village is planning a surprise party. To make sure it remains a secret, Franklin's best friend Luna distracts him by taking him to the local bookshop. It's there that they discover a strange book of fairy tales with a sign that says 'DON'T OPEN!'. However, Luna's pet tortoise can't help but peer inside... and when he does, he disappears! Luna and Franklin dive inside the book to rescue him. On their quest they meet a host of fairy tale characters, not all of whom are friendly!

Will Luna and Franklin find Neil the tortoise and make it home in time for the party?

A magical interactive storytime and craft with author and illustrator duo Katie Harnett and Jen Campbell.

Running Time – 45 mins plus signing

Age – 2-7 years

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